Business Consulting Services

Vensys offers End to End Services and Solutions

Specialties include:

Oracle E-Business Release 12.x to Fusion ERP upgrades.

JD Edwards 8.x to 9.x

Managed Services

Services include

  • Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Middleware
  • JD Edwards

Oracle Services

When you need specialist IT personnel for short or long term projects,

Vensys is able to supply a wide range of skills to help you out.

Business consulting




Managed services


Business Consulting

Vensys Consulting provides “end-to-end” services and solutions, ranging from supporting strategy development through to enterprise solutions and technology decisions.

Our capabilities include a fully integrated approach that ensures that every aspect of organizations – people, process, and technology – is fully aligned with the business strategy.

Looking to move to the cloud?

Vensys can help you to plan and then migrate your existing on-premise solution to a cloud solution.


Vensys can help you to implement  a range of Oracle products including:

  • Oracle Fusion
  • JD Edwards
  • Data Integration


Leverage our experienced consultants working alongside your in-house expertise to successfully complete your upgrade faster and more smoothly.

Our approach to upgrades delivers rapid migration and faster deployment of migrated applications and customer data. It enables easier migration of all domain components including customizations, plug-ins, and third party applications.

Specialties include:

  • Oracle E-Business Release 12.x to Fusion ERP upgrades.
  • JD Edwards 8.x to 9.x


We can help you to migrate from legacy applications to modern, user-friendly solutions that are responsive to current and future business demands.

A number of Oracle migration tools are used to reduce project time and cost, eliminate errors associated with manual processes and improve the quality of deliverables.

Our migration service enables customers to take full advantage of enhanced functionality and features available in the latest Oracle platforms that include enhanced Graphical User Interfaces and wireless/mobile services.

Some migration services we provide include:

  • Reports Migration
  • Platform Migration : From Windows to Linux and vice versa
  • Database Migration: From SQL or any other database to Oracle
  • Technology Migration: From Forms or any other application to Java or Oracle based technology

Managed Services

Vensys has the expertise to provide 24 x 7 support for your database, applications, systems and network infrastructure in an onsite/offsite model.

Customers find that they can reduce their software and infrastructure maintenance costs by utilising our application and database managed services for their Oracle products

Our key offerings comprise:

  • Oracle Database Administration & Maintenance
  • Oracle Application Functional Support
  • Oracle Application Technical Support
  • Infrastructure support (Servers, Desktop, OS etc.)
  • Help Desk Support


Vensys offers the following formats based on your budget and learning style. We shall work with you to schedule a programme which suits your organization:

Instructor-Led Training

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) Based

Live WebClass

Our specialists

will work with your organization to select, purchase and manage your training while serving as a single point of contact for all your Oracle education needs.

The training content is designed to cover high bandwidth of functionalities in Oracle Apps

Our trainers just don’t teach ‘Modules’. they exemplify, demonstrate and drive the program with real- implementation experience and success stories.

Vensys provides high-quality training for Customers at their offices and also on the web.

Specialties include:

Oracle E-Business Suite,

Oracle Database

Oracle Middleware

JD Edwards

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