Mobile Integration

JDE-Mobile-AppsJD Edwards includes powerful mobile features that allow you to manage your business at the coalface and offer customers enhanced services.

JDE mobile apps allow your staff to work efficiently while they are on the road or with customers.

The apps integrate many of the features of modern mobile devices such as GPS, camera, and internet connectivity.

This allows real-world applications such as:

  • Maintenance workers locating faults using GPS maps and photograph the job that they are working on.
  • Salespeople showing products to customers and writing orders while they at customer premises.
  • Remotely accessing customer contact details such as email, phone, map location, and photo.
  • Improved responsiveness to health and safety incidents
  • Increased field engineer efficiency
  • Fast expense reporting for traveling employee 



These apps are available for Android and iOS. For the most current listing of available JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications, search Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


Application Feature
Asset Lifecycle Management • Create new work orders for company-owned equipment that requires maintenance.
• Review and manage a list of work orders, update the status, issue parts, add notes, and capture photos. 
• Search and view equipment characteristics, update equipment information, add or updates notes, and add photos.
• Create and view timecards associated with work completed on company-owned equipment. 
• Search and view characteristics of customers’ equipment, update equipment information, add notes, add photos, and enter meter readings. 
• Enter equipment meter readings based on pre-defined templates
Customer Relationship Management • Create new service orders for customer-owned equipment and add the equipment, failure description, site, requested date, and notes.
• Review the service orders assigned to team members.
• Update status and dates for service orders assigned to a team.
• Create and view timecards associated with service performed on customers’ equipment.
• View and manage a list of assigned service orders.
• Quickly and easily report a maintenance issue.
• View and manage open, urgent, and due-today cases by priority and assignee.
Health & Safety Management • Report occupational incidents including what happened, where the incident occurred, who was involved, and attach photos of the incident. 
• Obtain an executive-level view of occupational health and safety incidents reported over the previous week.
• Obtain a quick view of occupational health and safety incidents reported over the previous week with the ability to drill down into details.
Financial Management • Search for customers and view their address, phone numbers, and contacts.
• Search for customers and review a summary of their accounts receivable status. 
• View, approve or reject a list of expenses awaiting approval. 
• Search for suppliers and locate their address, main phone number, and list of contacts.
Project Management • Review project financial information at the project level, as well as review and update high level project information. 
• Review project financial information by cost code, as well as review and update project progress information for each cost code. 
• Review and update the planned and actual start and finish dates for each cost code for a project. 
• Enter, update, and approve change requests for projects, contracts, or subcontracts. 
• Enter time for employee and workers on crews for projects. 
• Enter equipment time for projects. 
• Input account progress for projects.
Supply Chain Management & Execution • View information on the customer’s open orders, quotes, held orders, and backorders.
• Search and view key item information by branch/plant within their respective locations and lot. View the locations and availability of an item at various units of measure levels. 
• Search and view warehouse items and their availability by branch/plant in their respective locations and lots with access to detail license plate information.
Supply Management • Review, approve, reject, and comment on purchase orders. 
• Review, approve, reject, and comment on requisition self-service orders.