Vensys can help you with all types of data integration…even if you are NOT an Oracle user. We use a range of state-of-the-art tools to achieve the outcomes that you are looking for. Some of these tools include:

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

oracle-data-integratorODI offers a modern Extract Load and Transform (ELT) technology that improves performance and reduces data integration costs—even across heterogeneous systems. Hot-pluggable Knowledge Modules provide out-of-the-box modularity, flexibility, and extensibility. Unlike conventional Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools, ODI delivers the productivity of a declarative design approach and the benefits of an active integration platform for seamless batch and real-time integration.

Highlights of ODI include:


  • High-performance bulk data movement and data transformation
  • E-LT architecture for improved performance and lower TCO
  • Heterogeneous platform support for enterprise data integration
  • Knowledge modules for optimized developer productivity and extensibility
  • Service-oriented data integration and management for SOA environments


Example uses:


  • Centralizing millions of records stored in different databases across the country or around the world
  • Migrating data from a legacy system to a new one
  • Integrating data from various systems that were inherited after a company merger

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 Oracle GoldenGate

oracle-goldengateThis product offers real-time, log-based change data capture, routing, transformation, and delivery between heterogeneous systems with minimal overhead. The software offers bidirectional data movement and enables critical systems to support 24/7 operations as well as gain access to real-time data for better business insight. A typical environment includes capture processes, trail files, and delivery processes, each of which can run on most of the popular operating systems and databases.

Highlights of GoldenGate include:


  • Log-based change data capture, distribution, transformation, and delivery
  • Support for heterogeneous databases and operating systems
  • Bidirectional replication without distance limitation
  • Transactional integrity
  • Reliable data delivery and fast recovery after interruptions


Example uses:


  • Real-time transaction updates from a legacy system to a new system prior to go-live
  • Two-way integration of web and mobile data with ERP systems
  • Integration between cloud and on-premise applications


Oracle Data Quality

oracle-data-qualityHow do you know if your data is accurate, current and  error-free? Oracle Data Quality is a tool that enables you to quickly and easily identify and resolve any problems in underlying data.  Vensys can help you to use it to identify new opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and more efficiently comply with industry or governmental regulation.

Highlights of Oracle Data Quality include:


  • Offers best-of-breed data quality techniques for customer and product data
  • Supports business-oriented user interfaces with modern, open architecture
  • Standardizes, match-merges, analyzes, and cleanses enterprise data
  • Provides customized dashboards to view data changes over time


Example uses:


  • Identify duplicates, mis-fielded data, international date formats, default or dummy data etc.
  • Standardise product classifications so that it is easier for customers and staff to search for and locate products
  • Clean data during migration to a new system